sticks and stones

Build a great house but they can do a lot of harm when used as weapons.

My mom taught me that rhyme when I was little. I must have had a bad day in second grade and was letting her know. It’s amazing how much easier it was to memorize from then. Now I can’t remember seven seconds ago what I went into another room for.

So I tried using that thing once or twice but gave it up when I realized it really didn’t work.

Words can hurt.

IMG_0872.JPGfragile violet resting on a stone

Several years ago a neighbor who had been shunned from everyone in our little cul-de-sac asked if she could join me on my morning walks. I said sure and we arranged to meet a few mornings later.

She opened her heart to me and told me how difficult her marriage was. I listened for a while and when she mentioned something her husband had said I quoted that little verse. She came right back with how wrong that was.

It never occurred to me to think any differently.

IMG_0876.JPGLenten rose

So this is probably why psychotherapy became such a multi-million dollar business, and people bought up those self-help books. To me therapy was nothing more than paying someone to be a friend. But I realize some have been deeply scarred. And some come to a point where hope is so dim help has to come from someone trained to listen and offer help beyond what friends can offer.

I have always listened to other people. For me sharing in other people’s troubles connects on a level where I can help them carry a trouble, a hurt, a burden. I think we were created to share with others on many levels, like this….


But sometimes life does not offer a friend and I pray. Or offer prayers for others. I depend on Someone who is always reliable.

And always there.


So like the donkey that fell in the well, when people started throwing dirt down to bury him in that well he stepped aside and as the dirt grew into a large pile, stepped on top of it until he could climb out.

There is always hope.


27 thoughts on “sticks and stones

  1. I am happy for you that u had a Mon who cared for you when you were young to give you good advice.
    Yes, friendshio is just needing a listening ear. Interesting that neighbors would shun someone all together. Unless she was a hoarder, I cant imagine why. Good for you for reaching out to her. You are a good person with a big heart.
    Yes, it is God who gives hope!

  2. Great post! The old saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,’ was mostly true in a past age when ‘hurt’ was deemed only physical and most were strong enough spiritually to slough off words and take only God’s Word as definitive. Today, sadly, spiritual strength has been sapped in the populace at large because the connection with God has been severed for most. Both the amount of hurtful words and their effect has grown exponentially since the LORD has been largely jettisoned from society. Keep on keeping on my friend and may God rain blessings upon you. šŸ˜‰

  3. Good read! I am reminded of Prov. 27:9 (AMP) where it speaks of the sweetness of a “friends” counsel, Prov. 17:17 (AMP) where the Word speaks of a “friend” who loves at all times, and for Hope in Rom. 5:5 (AMP), in hoping in God’s promises; hope and confident expectation in Jer.17:7 and in Isaiah. 40:31 (both AMP) versions; last one being in hope in Him. Without hope a person just wants to give up so I think that hope just might be stronger than we think.

  4. I know that child’s verse very well, indeed. It was offered to me many, many times in my younger life to “help” stem the tears caused by playground ugliness. I sympathize with any child so afflicted. I empathize with any adult who seems helpless against verbal attacks. In a perfect world people would be uncomfortable, even distraught, hurting others. Unfortunately we do not live in that perfect world, which leaves victims in a position (with or without help) to heal themselves and function in the world we have. That we still have victims is gross evidence that the ugly bullying that originated in the playground has reached fertile grounds and multiplied in many hate-filled adults, especially now.

  5. Great post!
    I love the proverb.. I believe God sends people along our path who need care and encouragement..
    I am sure you have been a blessing šŸ™‚

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