Mysteries, surprises, change, unexpected… stuff happens.

I adopted rescue dog Lulu three years ago. Every year she goes to her vet for her booster shots and a physical exam. Now that she is older this includes an examination of her teeth plus blood work. The physical exam includes several things, and checking her teeth Or so I thought.

Her vet this year recommended she have her teeth cleaned. Up to now no vet (we’ve been to 4, so far) has ever recommended this, telling me that her teeth are ok. This vet said she might even need a couple extracted. Ok. So we made the appointment. Last Thursday.

Nineteen teeth were removed.

I asked if she had enough left to eat with. Did the lady who cleaned her teeth have some sort of tooth extraction goal she had to meet (surpass) every week??

It’s entirely my fault. Everyone gets tartar on their teeth, no matter what species you are. Every dog I have had, up to now, has had a teeth cleaning every year. For some reason I simply did not think. I brush Lily’s teeth (yes, really). Lulu won’t let me near her with a toothbrush, but I give her special dental chews that vets tell me work just as well

IMG_0962.JPG  poor Lulu

The worst part came next. I have to give her pain medicine. It is hard to do this when her mouth hurts so much she cannot open it. So I have to pry it open, my hands are shaking because I am afraid I will hurt her, which I probably am. I slip the capsule in and hold her mouth closed and gently stroke her throat to encourage it to go down. When I think she must have swallowed it I let go, she flies off and runs under something, and I see a small orange dot pop out of the side of her mouth.

Epic fail.

So we start all over again.

This morning started ok, Lulu took her pills in Velveeta cheese, even ate a few bites of moistened food. She, Lily and I went to the river to take our walkie. No one else was around so I let them go off leash.  It was a cool morning, the sun breaking through the remnants of storm clouds lingering from last night. We did find some company as we walked alongside the river


Being  Easter and Passover weekend there was not much traffic over the intracoastal bridge so all was quiet.

Tomorrow I hope Lulu feels better and we can get those pills down with no struggle. And then we will be off to another park with many new sights, sounds and smells in store.

Happy Easter and Passover blessings. Or good wishes for just a calm, quiet Sunday to you.