Eyesight is so taken for granted. When asked if you had a choice of losing hearing or eyesight (neither!), many prefer to keep seeing. Things we experience by sight are very hard to describe unless others have experienced it too. If the only star someone can imagine is a pentagram or stars in the night sky how do you describe a flower?

0.jpg“Texas Star” hibiscus

How would you describe the curl of an ocean wave, or the liquid gold surface of the ocean as  it reflects the morning sun?


There are caterpillars that cause a lot of damage, destroying an entire tree, and borer beetles that destroy whole pine forests. There are other caterpillars that eat a plant to a nub, only to have the plant grow back because that is one of the things the plant was created for.

IMG_1109.JPGTiger swallowtail butterfly caterpillar on fennel plant

I can’t imagine not hearing the dawn chorus each morning, rain or shine, cold or hot. Or not seeing the bright red plumage of a black-masked male cardinal. Or floating on the scatter-brained song of a bluebird. The sound of wind in the pines, ocean waves crashing on shore, rumbling of distant thunder.

Offerings of creation.



12 thoughts on “seeing

  1. Very little can be explained to a person who never has seen. A person can feel sound who never heard. Lacking both is a soul chrushing thing. Thank our God for aids for both.:)

  2. What a beautiful post. Your photos are gorgeous. It would be hard to lose either sight or hearing – can’t make a choice of which I would give up – I would have to think long and hard about that. I would not wish to lose either.

    • No! Life is such a gift! I once lost my sense of smell from a prescription for 2 months. Everything is a blessing. Thank you so much for reading, and your thoughtful comment.

  3. I once had an eye issue that left me blurry for a week. I never want to come that close to losing my sight again. Also, you did an amazing job here with what you said, and what you didn’t say. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, having worn corrective lenses of some sort for over 50 years I can agree. I hope your day is wonderful, blessed and sweet. Thanks for stopping by!

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