remembering in dreams

Both my parents have passed away. My mom over 30 years ago, my dad 13 years ago. We had stuff. Emotional, psychological. Some like most families, some not. I had frequent dreams about them after they died. Not awful, not exciting, they were just part of the dreams. The other day I realized I could not recall when I’d last dreamt with them in the dream. There’s been a lot going on and I tend to not remember dreams at all unless they are really lucid or vivid ones. So last night I dreamed about both of them. This dream was like a culmination of many memories from when they were living, when my son was small, when I worked for my father at his newspaper.



I woke not remembering clearly the dream itself as much as how I felt, and I felt much the same as I had when I was first divorced and had lost all sense of direction.


Stressed, anxious, under pressure, inadequate. Horrible. I know in this dream, like in that part of my life I was doing the very best I could, trying too hard. I have no idea what prompted this dream or these memories. My roof has just finally been replaced, the insurance check which was more than the estimate came in time to pay the roofers. I gave them the full amount of the check, less what it would cost to paint the foyer ceiling. I do not know why I would have such a dream when my sense of responsibility is off the meter.


My dream book says dreams of anxiety portend coming favorable circumstances. That seeking approval means instead of seeking approval from others I need to seek acceptance from myself. When parents appear in dreams after they have died it is a message of love and warmth, and sometimes a warning. Of what I have no idea.

Just hope the roof holds.


14 thoughts on “remembering in dreams

  1. I was just asking/talking with hubby the other day about dreams. I don’t know what they mean. But mine as of late have not been very nice, and it bothered me as to why I would dream these things. I ask the LORD to give me any dreams other than the ones like I have been having hahaha 🙂

    • I started finding books at the library on interpreting dreams. I’m no Daniel but they sometimes helped. Then Guideposts had an article about a book, 12,000 Dreams Interpreted, by Gustavo’s Hindman Miller. I checked it out so many times I finally bought it. Maybe you could ask Him to help you see what your dreams mean?

  2. Dreams are very interesting. Most of the time I do not remember my dreams. I too have many disturbing dreams and my deceased parents are in many of my dreams. I am not too happy about disturbing dreams. I hope your future dreams become more comforting and happy.

  3. My Grandmother, who was a profoundly faithful woman, was a great believer in dreams. She had a dream book, too. Unfortunately, I suffer from nightmares — in part as the result of PTSD, in part as an adverse reaction to necessary medication.

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