It’s mid-October but that doesn’t matter if you’re the weather. Hurricane season lasts 6 months, June 1 through November 30, every year. So I shouldn’t be surprised there is a storm heading this way. This time from the gulf so it may only be some strong winds and thunderstorms, maybe no flooding. So even though it’s been in the 50s-60s winter clothes are still in mothballs. Or patchouli.

I had a couple of appointments this week, early morning. As I arrived I noticed a small cluster of people by the door, a World War II veteran among them. The doors slowly opened and though the veteran and his wife were obviously first at the door, others crowded around them to get into the warmth of the office inside.

As the others signed in I stood aside. The veteran’s wife walked with him as they made their way slowly to the desk. The appointment clerk noticed his ball cap and said with quiet reverence, “A World War II veteran, thank you for your service, sir.” He turned to take his seat and his wife murmured a whispered “thank you” as she passed me.

There could not have been more than 5 or 6 of us. How much time would it have cost anyone to wait for this gentleman to maintain his place, first in line? Or simply out of respect?

It’s like waiting to either board or deplane a flight. Everyone has to be first. Nothing else seems to matter. But it does.

What’s happened to thoughtfulness? Consideration for others? Did it vanish when prayer was evicted from schools and public places? How can we relearn to forget ourselves and think of others?


Taken for granted. Thoughtless. This is wrong. What has happened? Is it so hard to see? Aren’t there enough war films that show what war is? Or has Hollywood become so glamorized that we think it’s all fiction? Don’t schools teach more than facts, dates? Like it or not it is true when others tell us because of those soldiers we have the life we have in America. No, it isn’t perfect. No, it isn’t the same for everyone, but we still claim our freedoms.

That veteran helped insure it.

God help us to be humble. To appreciate.



20 thoughts on “honor

  1. Such a beautiful post. We recently lost and elderly relative who was a Korean veteran. We now have a Viet Nam veteran in our family who is seeking help to get a place to live since his wife died and he is wheel chair bound. My husband is a veteran and I am a veteran – there should be more respect and love in this country. And God’s Word should be proclaimed – not banned from school. Bless your for stepping aside and letting this older veteran go before you.

      • Perhaps some day if the two parties in Washington D,C would work together things might be set right.

  2. Thank you Ekurie for being one of the good guys and stepping aside for that veteran. You have a kind heart. What horror they lived through and experienced in order for us to be standing there in freedom while waiting in that line. I don’t think they teach enough in our public schools about history and how it can all happen again if we don’t start loving and caring for our neighbors.

  3. This is a great post, especially that photograph…and I think you are right, when prayer was evicted from public education in the US, many things went out the window too, like care and consideration, respect and discipline. If a human being does not believe in God, then what does he/she believe in? Something that passes by? Something uncertain? Or in nothing at all. Without faith there can be no real hope for the future…I am sad to see that in my country, Spain, which had always been a Catholic/Christian country, they are also taking away the strength of our faith, of our religion and replacing it with…NOTHING! I lived in the US many years, I appreciated the opportunities given to me in the US and I served in the armed forces, proudly and will forever be an American soldier! All the best to you, my greetings from Valencia, Spain

    • First, thank you so much for serving our country. As it is said, we are the land of the free because of you, the brave. Second, I learned in college to rely on the power of “Self”. It took a while to realize I’d been brainwashed and needed to unlearn it and rededicate my life to God. I believe our terrible ‘education’ (read indoctrination) system is ruining the minds of young people. Thanks for reading my blog! You are an amazing artist, by the way.

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