There are occurrences that happen out of our control that maybe could have been avoided or prevented, but they happen all the same.

Something brought such an event to mind this week that made me laugh out loud. I recall at the time not being amused.


One morning when my son was maybe 6 or 7 years old we had overslept, he was going to be late for school and me late to work. Throwing his lunch together and getting breakfast ready I realized I had forgotten to get any milk. Could he have survived one morning not having milk? Sure. As an obsessive single mom could I have allowed this?


So I called to my son that I was running up the street to get milk, ran to my car, pouring rain, saw the dog had got out, put her in the car, jumped in, drove the short distance to the store.

Leaving the car running, I ran in, grabbed the milk, paid the cashier, dashed back to the car to see my little dog, delighted to see me again, jump on the door locks locking all 4 doors. I stood for a moment, at a complete loss. I ran back in the store (this is 10 years pre-cell phones) and, explaining my predicament asked they call 911. About 5 minutes later the fire truck pulled up, chastised my thoughtlessness explaining carefully if a living thing had not been in the car they would not have come to help.

Well, I thought, that ‘living thing’ was the reason they were there.

No matter. I had the milk, got breakfast in my son. As we sat at the light to turn in to the school I jotted a quick note explaining his tardiness. A jarring jolt accompanied by crunching metal, I looked up to see the front of my little car neatly folded under the rear of the concrete mixer in front of me at the light. Apparently I could not maintain proper pressure on the brake pedal and write simultaneously.

”Why didn’t you say something?” I wailed to my son.

”I wanted to see what would happen,” he calmly replied.

** Days better spent in bed **


54 thoughts on “trifectas

  1. Yikes! Thats a pretty bad day. Aren’t we glad the past is always behind us!? 😀 Thanks for sharing! I don’t feel so alone in my blunders, and I’m thankful that hope surrounds us on every side. ❤

  2. Sometimes life is just like that, I guess: You make one wrong decision and everything that follows just rubs it in over and aver again. It’s the stuff family stories are made of… Thank you for a hearty chuckle, but my heart also went out to your former self at that moment.

  3. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help laughing. I’ve had so many moments that could have been avoided, but weren’t and I laugh about them now. Thank you for posting this. I’m happy not to be the only one.

  4. One can laugh about things like this when we think back in our lives. At the time it happened I am sure it was not so funny.

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  6. Good news my friend! I just published my new story, “Wise Words of Wisdom: Things That I Have Learned” on my blog, “My Good Time Stories.” If you remember, you sent in a quote about something that you have learned in your life and it is included in the story! Please swing by and chaeck it out!!
    Have a great day my friend and keep up the great work with your page!!

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  8. Edith, this is the post which consistently appears when I bring up your website. I then have to scroll down, in an effort to locate your latest post. Am not sure if the problem is w/ my browser or somehow on your end. Anyhow, thought you might like to know. ❤

    • thanks Anna. I have no idea what happened when I posted that but ever since it is what appears to me also. Not sure how to fix it especially with this new editor but I will keep trying.

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