Talent. This word makes me think of someone who can sing, dance, play an instrument, play a sport or sail.

Gifted makes me think of someone who has intellectual acumen, or who can make things– knit, paint, draw, pottery, jewelry.


Imagine creating this. A leaf. It has beauty, it feeds its plant, it gives shade, makes nests for animals, fuel. So our talents and gifts we are either born with or at least have the ability to learn.

All of us are capable of creating beauty in some way.Β  I took cookies to our local sheriff’s department. I have done this before and was asked for my name and address. This year when I said I had brought cookies no one said a thing. Just stared at me. The people who were in the lobby as well as the deputies. So I added, “I bring y’all cookies every year.” A person in the waiting area muttered, “isn’t that nice,” which prompted a deputy to say “Aww”, guardedly.


Really?? Cookies. Maybe it was the festive bag and tissue paper. Maybe I look suspect. I think I look rather ordinary. Whatever, there was palpable tension as I stood there, until one of the brave deputies said, “You can hand it through here” indicating a glass shield with an opening the bag could fit through. I noticed the x-ray machine where persons put their briefcases and purses when they came to visit people in the jail and was glad I didn’t have to put it through that. But still. It’s sad to me that you can’t do anything nice for people without causing some degree of alarm.


I brought a bag of treats to the nearby police station. There was an employee outside the building, talking with someone. As I caught her eye she said she worked in the building but did not say to give her the festive holiday bag, so I asked, “I can give this to you?” Not defensive, just clarifying. She nodded and I handed it off. Then went on to my volunteering stint at the city garden. I felt pretty good that I had done something nice for people, but sad that it had caused them some concern if not alarm.


How should this be handled? I get why law enforcement might be concerned when someone brings a bag. I suppose it could be anything.

Maybe next year I will mail it.




24 thoughts on “gifts

  1. Oh, that is so sad……..has it come to this? This is distrust of anyone now; nice or not. I can hardly believe it (?) What happened? I think we know…..but despite this we cannot stop being kind. God sees everything we do and the smallest kindnesses do not go unnoticed by Him; He counts it all….it counts our kindnesses as kindnesses to Him if we know Him. He is the Reason for the Season; so Merry CHRISTmas everyone and Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. I went to high school with the chief of police in my home town, and with his brother – the mayor. It saddens me that the world is so frightening today that someone looks askance at cookies. 😦

  3. I told my husband I wanted to bake some cookies for the police officers because they have been getting a lot of attacks in the media lately. My husband told me they might not take them because of all the hate they have been getting. They might be too afraid. Apparently he was right. So sorry it was a bad experience, maybe next time a holiday card telling them how much you appreciate what they do and something sealed and store bought so they aren’t afraid. You are so sweet for doing this.

  4. A few years ago before I retired as a pastor, one of my deacons and I decided that since law enforcement was increasingly being attacked, physically and otherwise, around the country that our church should do something to encourage and support them. We decided to hold a ‘block party’ with the help of the YMCA and invite our police and first responders as the guests of honor. It was very well-received and appreciated which helped me and others to establish trust with them. It was a bit of an effort for our tiny church, but the effort was well worth it.

    • That is a wonderful idea. The church I have been visiting is strong on outreach. I will suggest this. The church is next to a fire station and less than a mile from the police station.

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