the unknown

19DEEF51-CD17-48AF-83F0-78B6886C8543For the most part we are surrounded with that which is familiar— family, friends, hobbies, books, habits, work, neighborhoods. Not much surprises us. Our lives aren’t so much predictable as they are routine. Never boring because our perceptions continually change or adapt.

There are things that happened this year I could not have foreseen. Rescue dog Lily’s two knee surgeries and remarkable recoveries. Political ‘resistors’ in America who violently attacked innocent individuals. New neighbors next door who turned out to be a dear, kind couple. My son calling a few days before Thanksgiving to let me know he will visit me.

0537814D-DD4E-41AB-9168-347F036FC7B0Some pathways are clear. There are boundaries to keep us in a safe area. We know to follow this. Well, mostly. I can remember driving home after a day’s work with my free-spirited father who had salvaged a small business in receivership. In the companionable silence he’d suddenly brake the car, saying something like, “let’s see where this goes,” turning off the highway onto an obscure road, not really concerned whether we’d wind up lost. Dad was never lost. He had the strongest centrifugal force of anyone I knew.

Those adventures translated into other life decisions which I suppose taught me no matter what your decision, things can be worked for good.

0A3CE1C3-C245-4451-A364-CD4101A1C000So though at times the curve up ahead may appear at first to be a dead end, keep moving forward. There are many forces —mostly good— that travel with us.


I wish everyone a Happy New Year.


18 thoughts on “the unknown

  1. This walk down memory lane is very good! Thanks for sharing! So much to be thankful for and so much to think about in this past year; and yes, keep moving forward cause ya never know what’s up ahead. I’m anticipating really good things up ahead, I’m already seeing some good things and new experiences are here!!!

  2. Words so very fitting for this time between the years. Thank your. The Road goes ever on and on… Incidentally, when I started reading you post, I read ‘hobbits’ instead of ‘habits’, haha! Wouldn’t mind being surrounded by a few more of that merry folk.

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