This once was considered a safe topic. Now it seems to spur arguments over global warming or climate crisis. I try not to get into hot water at all costs. There is too much unknown and I am always skeptical of proponents of a thing with mega millions, private jets and many mansions.


I remember as a child sometime between late January – mid February hearing the term “false spring”. This was a balmy break in the chilling frozen of winter. Suddenly daffodils sprouted, songbirds sang all day and there was a delicious fragrance on a light, spring-like breeze.  It usually lasted only a few days. No more than a week. Then grey, cold days returned well into March.


This week has been a gift. Mild temperatures around 60-70. I can count on one hand the number of mornings I have seen sparkling frost the entire winter so far. I know, it’s only January. But this has been a milder winter than I can remember in the coastal southeast.


We’ve had rain but retention ponds that normally have water all year are dry. Marshes and bogs are dry. Peeper frogs are silent.


There aren’t as many of these signs here as in Florida, or even South Carolina or Georgia. I have never seen an alligator here, but there is a small pond in the neighborhood where I live and others have said they have seen a gator in there. I am cautious walking my dogs around here. But I have not seen it.


I spoke with a couple we met on one of our walkies this week. The husband was wearing shorts but also wore a light jacket. His wife had on a warm jacket. They both commented that their brains tell them it is winter, and where they moved from to come here that meant weather much colder than we are having. But they were not complaining.


So again, I am learning to take each day as it comes, one day at a time. I learned to slow down last year thanks to Lily and her injuries. This year it is the weather.

Our teachers are everywhere, if we are willing learners.



11 thoughts on “weather

  1. As far as the whole global warming/global cooling discussion is concerned, I can understand your standpoint very well, as well as your skepticism “of proponents of a thing with mega millions, private jets and many mansions.”. Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” comes to mind, as you pointed out in this context elsewhere: Both would suffice.
    A dear friend of mine lives in AR. She has a lot of dangerous weather to live with, much more than I ever experienced in my life, and her attitude is something along the lines of “Weather. It happens. Like it or not. Ready or not.”. Very much to the point, and quite possibly equally applicable to “climate”.

  2. I was talking about this last night with a good friend – we concluded that weather is weather, and, indeed, cannot be changed. Also, last night on a weather page I follow on Fakebook, a post turned political – ridiculous, it’s weather!

  3. Our winter so far here in Arkansas is warmer and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am taking life one day at a time and slowing down to enjoy this New Year. Loved your photos.

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