This was a pretty non-descript uneventful week for me. Tuesday I went to get a haircut. As I parked my car I noted a sketchy guy lurking in the parking lot. I avoided eye contact but as I walked by he said in a slurry voice, “Can you spare a couple ‘a dollars for Wendy’s?” So I turned toward the fast food place replying, “Ok, I’ll buy you a meal.”

“Oh, you don’t have to go over there,” he said. (translate: you can just hand me the money)

“Actually, I do,” I said.

So I bought him his order, asked if he was ok, he said yes, and I went on to get my haircut.

IMG_0464.JPGI have no idea why this truck is here. Worried for intracoastal overpass integrity?

Wednesday I stopped at the post office to drop a letter. There was a guy standing near the door looking a little confused at some items in his hand. I walked by, deposited my letter. As I walked back to my car across the parking lot I saw folded dollar bills on the ground. I turned to take them into the post office in case someone asked if it had been turned in. Same guy is walking toward me, still looking at items, confused. I called to him, “Sir? Did you drop something?”

He looked at what I was holding out, asked if I found it by the electrician’s van parked near my car. I had, so it turned out to be his.


I felt rather good about all this, and it came to mind today when I let a crowded grocery store get the better of me this afternoon. I buy local honey because I firmly believe it helps allergies. And I like supporting local businesses. This particular store chain is the only store that sells it.

Rescue dogs Lily and Lulu and I had just enjoyed a nice walk by the river and I stopped at the store to buy said honey. Noting a Girl Scout table loaded with cookies outside the store I avoided buying and quickly ducked into the store, found the honey and went to the self-service registers because- Super Bowl weekend -the store was wall-to-wall people. Don’t get me wrong, I like people ok, but grocery shoppers are single-minded and focused. So I checked out and requested cash back.

Which I left the store without, leaving it at the register.

I have never done this before. As soon as I walked in my house I realized what I had done. I called the store. Customer ‘service’ being what it is these days they did not even look to see if, by some miracle, that money was still there.

I am so careful with how I spend money, believing I am a steward of that which is on loan to me. I may never do this again, I hope, but I have learned a painful, embarrassing lesson.

While someone else won the surprise grocery register ‘lottery’.

IMG_0462.JPGLily and Lulu never worry for anything that is lost. Keep moving forward.



15 thoughts on “crowds

  1. It seems that is the way it always happens. It wasn’t lost on me that you helped 2 other people with money/food only to forget the your money at the register. I am hoping you will be surprised with some that you didn’t “realize” you had. πŸ™‚

  2. You did a couple of wonderful deeds that helped others. That always makes a person feel good. Then when you forgot your money I am sure that dampened your good feelings. Sometimes we get distracted and forget or lose things. I am not real fond of going to the grocery store or being around a lot of people.

  3. That sounds like a rather eventful week, actually! Money just everywhere. Maybe what was lost will help someone inadvertently. It’s in God’s hands now. A good place!! Blessings on this coming week. πŸ™‚

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