This was a pretty non-descript uneventful week for me. Tuesday I went to get a haircut. As I parked my car I noted a sketchy guy lurking in the parking lot. I avoided eye contact but as I walked by he said in a slurry voice, “Can you spare a couple ‘a dollars for Wendy’s?” So I turned toward the fast food place replying, “Ok, I’ll buy you a meal.”

“Oh, you don’t have to go over there,” he said. (translate: you can just hand me the money)

“Actually, I do,” I said.

So I bought him his order, asked if he was ok, he said yes, and I went on to get my haircut.

IMG_0464.JPGI have no idea why this truck is here. Worried for intracoastal overpass integrity?

Wednesday I stopped at the post office to drop a letter. There was a guy standing near the door looking a little confused at some items in his hand. I walked by, deposited my letter. As I walked back to my car across the parking lot I saw folded dollar bills on the ground. I turned to take them into the post office in case someone asked if it had been turned in. Same guy is walking toward me, still looking at items, confused. I called to him, “Sir? Did you drop something?”

He looked at what I was holding out, asked if I found it by the electrician’s van parked near my car. I had, so it turned out to be his.


I felt rather good about all this, and it came to mind today when I let a crowded grocery store get the better of me this afternoon. I buy local honey because I firmly believe it helps allergies. And I like supporting local businesses. This particular store chain is the only store that sells it.

Rescue dogs Lily and Lulu and I had just enjoyed a nice walk by the river and I stopped at the store to buy said honey. Noting a Girl Scout table loaded with cookies outside the store I avoided buying and quickly ducked into the store, found the honey and went to the self-service registers because- Super Bowl weekend -the store was wall-to-wall people. Don’t get me wrong, I like people ok, but grocery shoppers are single-minded and focused. So I checked out and requested cash back.

Which I left the store without, leaving it at the register.

I have never done this before. As soon as I walked in my house I realized what I had done. I called the store. Customer ‘service’ being what it is these days they did not even look to see if, by some miracle, that money was still there.

I am so careful with how I spend money, believing I am a steward of that which is on loan to me. I may never do this again, I hope, but I have learned a painful, embarrassing lesson.

While someone else won the surprise grocery register ‘lottery’.

IMG_0462.JPGLily and Lulu never worry for anything that is lost. Keep moving forward.