I know, worry helps no one and nothing.

Two or three weeks ago when this virus started making headlines I texted my son, who occasionally travels for his work, did he have any travel plans?


He called immediately. “Yes,” he said. Plans to visit friends and his girlfriends’ family in Germany.

No, they wouldn’t postpone it.

So they left last Wednesday. An hour after their flight took off there were many changes. No international flights from Asia or the European Union. I began to perspire a bit.

Then a little clarification. US citizens would be permitted to enter (but for how much longer I wondered?) So I texted him what information I had and tried to sleep.


I heard little to nothing from him Thursday. He could not get the airline website for poor WiFi or overburdened site or both. Could not get a call through. I told him what I knew, limited flights from Europe.


When the UK was added to the list apparently he began to work at returning sooner in earnest. He texted today saying they are returning to Frankfurt with tentative seats on a morning return flight home. Thanking God he made this choice. Not sure he’d have a job to come back to if he missed a window of return and had to wait out the 30-day hiatus. I will be so grateful when I hear his voice and Houston traffic in the background.


Rescue dogs Lulu and Lily are way better at waiting than I am.



29 thoughts on “worry

  1. Praying for his safe return. I had tickets booked for a couple of months now to return home because there are things there that have to be taken care of since we kept our home there. Left my vehicle, so tag renewal, inspection, yard care arrangements, visit family etc. Suppose to leave at the end of this month but thats probably not going to be an option from the looks of things.

  2. folks returning from any destination are needing to go thru quarantine at airports or particular locations

    hope he makes it back soon and can only be worried about the poor quarantine location’s meals

    • Thanks. They did get back Sunday. At that point CDC just took temperatures. They did not have any so were released in agreement of mandatory isolation at home.

  3. I came to ask about your sons return and see that they made it back safely 🙂 Praise the LORD. Did they have to stay in Atlanta or were they able to make it back to Houston? I’ve been keeping an eye(through local paper) on things at home. Praying you and the puppies are fairing well 🙂

    • Thank you. They were able to get to Houston that night and have mandatory isolation. I spoke to him yesterday and he says they both are ok. Did you know NC closed the beaches? It might just be Wrightsville but it sounded like all of them.

      • That is good to hear they were ale to get home. Isolation isn’t all that fun but they are safe and that is what matters 🙂 They have closed the “beach accesses” but I doubt that doesn’t mean there is no beach access. Hopefully people will heed the warnings and be considerate. In a big town there are lots of resources to deal with outbreaks like this. In a small community where there is only one hospital, and the next one is over an hour away,(and that is if you live in the main parts of town) limited number of doctors, rescue, etc.

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