For years every summer from when my brother and I were very small my family and I transformed our lives in one week at a small South Carolina beach town. Our parents, away from work and the daily demands of life were relaxed and actually fun to be with. Trading comforts like air-conditioning for ceiling fans we ate basic southern food, played in the ocean and sought interesting shells. Occasionally a pod of porpoises swam by as we sat transfixed on the porch. Idyllic, undemanding, peaceful.

Even before reading Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us I have always loved the ocean. It’s mysterious, moody and can be, like me, quite dramatic. So when I retired, moving to within minutes of the beach was a dream come true.

Except hurricanes.

Since this remarkable viral plague paralyzed the world I am surfing Zillow almost daily. I have convinced myself that living in the mountains will be my best option. Yes, ice storms. Yes, frozen pipes. I have yet to make my pros and cons list for living both places. I tend to be impulsive. This is a bad trait when considering something like moving house. Since 2003 for instance I have moved 7 times. Three different states. Four of those moves were for work. That is a lot of boxes and bubble wrap. So this one (if there is one) I hope will be the last.


What made this hard is knowing I will be a 6-hour drive from the ocean. And one of the houses I looked at boasted a “concrete-insulated cellar of bomb shelter quality convenient for safety from tornadoes”.

So maybe hurricanes, though terrible, can be withstood.



12 thoughts on “intentions

  1. Although my sister was only living in SC for more years of college, she had moved almost 10 times also. Mostly due to trying to save money while finding compatible roommates to live with.

    I used to not only live near the beach (not in SC), but practically ON the beach. Then erosion made the beach’s sand go away and the waters were a threat to damaging the retaining wall and our home. So after so many typhoons of possible home teardown, we had moved. Ever since then, I never cared for living near waters. But that’s just me.

    I hope you can find a good home you love in them mountains. Cheers!

  2. Leaving the beach is a hard on. I miss it. We said if we ever left the beach it would be for the mountains. Of course, when this job opportunity came along we ended up smack dab in the middle of big city living. I pray where ever you end up, you will be happy 🙂 and it will be full of blessings 🙂

      • The hurricanes are one of the “cons” of beach living. I guess after living at the beach all my life they are normal (if that is the right word) for me. Much less scary than these busy highways here hahaha 🙂 I am thankful that we didn’t sell our home when we moved here. I told hubby, it’s paid for, and I have lived here all 51 years of my life. I might not make it in that big city hahaha 🙂 Need that safety net/security blanket 🙂 We had talked about when he retired moving to the mountains of Tennessee about 3 months later the whole area we were looking at burned with wild fires. We talked and decided, at the beach we have hurricanes. In the mountains, they have snow, wildfires. There are pros and cons to every where 🙂

      • Yes, and God blessed us it turned out so pretty. We are really missing it now since we have to stay put inside. Hahaha We rented a small apartment here because we weren’t suppose to be here much. The job was mostly travel. Of course with the virus thats a no. 🙂 🙂 This place is getting smaller and smaller hahaha 🙂

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