My brother plays golf. He and our mom hit the links every chance since he could walk. I never caught the bug so was not as close to Mom as my brother because she lived to play.

My birdies are the kind with feathers.


Last spring I put a bluebird box. The backyard is not very big, so a lot of interest in the box but no residents. Rescue dogs Lily, Lulu and I spend a lot of time outside. I garden, terrier mix Lulu checks the perimeter, husky mix Lily suns herself or eats small lizards.


This year we have a family. Barely audible baby cheeps are coming from the box. Conveniently there is a feeder of mealworms a mere few feet away. Lily and Lulu aren’t remotely interested in birds. Good thing. My dad had a setter bird dog that once ate a baby mockingbird. For the rest of her life she was kami-kazied every time she left the back porch.


These beautiful creatures should have a lot to worry about— wind, rain, mites, ants, snakes, protecting their babies, food. But they don’t. They live in most areas where they are found year-round. And each year they find a home and raise their families. Their only brooding is with family-raising.


And they sing. They sing with all their heart. It’s a pure, chaotic little song that has a random tune.


If they aren’t happy someone should tell them they make others happy.


12 thoughts on “birdies

  1. I almost spit water through my nose on this one, “Lily suns herself or eats small lizards.” hahaha Yes the birds are such a blessing. Watching them, their singing. They will alert you too if there is a predator. We always knew if there was a cat, or snake in the yard. Those birds are fierce when there is something like that around.

  2. Consumed by day to day concerns, we can so easily forget that we are in God’s care. When trials come — as they always do — we recognize more clearly our own limitations. Many turn to Him in desperation then. But that “last resort” sort of faith is thin. It tends to fade when circumstances improve. What is truly sustaining is a relationship w/ the Creator who brought us and our world into existence. He can uphold us though the world, itself, might be shaken. Stay safe and well, Edith. ❤

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