I should’ve taken a picture.

One thing this viral plague (not) has done for me is take my shopping outings down several degrees. Which is a good thing, though the shopping did keep me around people in my semi-reclusive life.


I didn’t though, take the picture. A few weeks ago I read a blog post where the blogger was upset with shoppers who ignored or were oblivious to aisle signs directing shopper traffic. (I never actually imagined I would say words like that.) I laughed to myself thinking, seriously? Now there’s somewhere that directs people in how to walk in a grocery store??

I couldn’t imagine it. Until I got yelled at.

I had a shopping list for a local food pantry and could not find the rice aisle. A large woman on a shopping scooter cut the corner short into the aisle I was exiting, frowned at me and said “you’re going the wrong way.”

I stood dumbly for a second trying to process what she meant. And recalled the post I’d read.


I looked down and saw the large stickers on the floor at each end of the aisle: green, go this way; red, don’t enter this way.

Oh My Gosh.

So I guess this better enables us to not breathe other people’s exhaled breath or something. So in addition to trying to find items that potentially, because of high demand, may not be available I have to watch which way I can go down the aisles. For me, in my simple little routined but free-form life this is a significant adjustment.

As long as I live (or as long as this fiasco lasts) I will not scold anyone for going the “wrong” way down a grocery aisle.

At least some of the beaches are open now. And considering some other states and their authorities restrictions it could be worse.


So let’s don’t mention the new tropical storm coming this week. Maybe it will blow the bad germs out to sea.



11 thoughts on “strange

  1. I enter the grocery store on the dairy end and work my way around to produce. Every. Single. Week. The idiots in charge have decided that I must now enter on the produce end. I have been bumfuzzled for weeks, so don’t expect me to follow no stinkin arrows on the floor! (I think they were removing them the other day, we are slowly opening up again, thank goodness!)

  2. You are not alone my friend. The last trip to the store I was scolded by an employee stocking shelves for entering the do not enter end of the aisle. What I needed was only one step into the aisle and a reach but no. hahaha 🙂 I go around, start at the opposite end of the aisle only to get stuck 6 feet behind one of the employees who does shopping for the online orders. I was in that aisle for what seemed like forever and couldn’t go around because they had those big stocking dollies spaced out, I guess to encourage a no passing zone. Only to get within a few feet of where I was scolded and get the item I needed. Glad you and the puppies are getting out though. There is a storm coming your way, already?

    • Ha! Exactly!! I have begun parking the cart in an obscure place & collecting what I need then dump it in the parked cart. The storm (Arthur) looks like it will graze from Surf City north over the outer banks & move out to sea but we’ll get some rain & already getting gusty wind.

  3. 🙂 It is a very strange time! But, I have a friend who is recovering from COVID-19. She is an ER doc. Based on her experience, I’m suddenly more than willing to walk like ducks in a row if that’s what it takes.

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