My mother was organized, well-ordered and no frills. She could not be bothered with frivolity or trivia. When she planned something or ordered something by mail she expected it. And whatever it was generally complied.

Not so for me.

During this virus panic I have not changed much of my routine. Pretty much a homebody, I basically pattern my schedule around rescue dogs Lily and Lulu. I have a volunteer schedule that has been canceled so it’s just the dogs.


We have our walkies, mealtimes and cookies. Since they are nearing their golden years I add supplements to their diet to keep them limber. None of which is available here, I have to order them.

64190CFC-C768-4A38-89D0-0539CFDEFC2FI never knew snake plant had a flower

Two orders I placed since March have gone missing. I can only attribute the losses to this pandemic crisis because in over 20 years of placing orders with Amazon.com I have never lost a single one. So today I am waiting. UPS is holding Lily and Lulu’s hyaluronic acid supplement hostage. It was scheduled for delivery yesterday. Now today. They even gave me a little map to track it. An hour ago the truck was one street away from me, in my neighborhood. Now it’s across town. I don’t get it. I should have walked over to where it was when it was so close. Who knows now when it will get here?

1785B8AA-DDA7-49A5-A118-2E0268B85C00First orchid bloom of the summer

They still have enough supply here for a week or so but seriously? Why doesn’t the guy just bring us our supplement? It’s like waiting for a pot of water to boil. If it were for me I wouldn’t care but I am the only thing standing between my dogs and justice. I am their provider, defender. When someone makes a joke about little terrier-mix Lulu’s (slight) weight problem I take umbrage.

It’s those small things that you have to watch out for. Little fires. Put them out, quickly.


This may stem partly from an ‘encounter’ I had with a couple of neighbors a week ago. The upshot was, kind of like the Sesame Street song, “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others, One of These Things Doesn’t Belong”. So I was the ‘thing’, they said, in not so few words.


True, I’m not like many other people. None of us is. But I am realizing I live in something a friend of mine once described as a Stepford wives neighborhood and am politically incorrect besides.

Oh well. It’s true, I don’t have a husband, grandchildren or enjoy travel, shopping or gossip. So no, on those counts I am different. But I have a feeling it’s maybe a bit more than that.

I can’t be bothered with what others think of me.


But I really do want to know when this supplement will be delivered. Not why it isn’t. Just when. Even if it seems such a little thing.



7 thoughts on “minutia

  1. I ordered a diamond painting from Amazon about two weeks ago. It’s still traveling about the countryside, to the point where they refunded my money. I promptly reordered. That one is also traveling about the countryside somewhere. I contacted them. Number three arrived, finally, today. Try contacting them if you don’t get the supplements. And I would be in the same shape as you, pacing till it came. Also, phooey on your neighbors.

    • Yeah, if only this order was amazon. It’s a company in California and UPS says they have it, they just can’t get it to my front porch. The neighbor thing is weird.

      • Dear heavens. One of my friends recently had UPS tell her that her house didn’t exist. I wish you luck, I know what it’s like when you need something for your kids.

  2. OMgoodness. I track packages ALL the time, and I could drive there and get them myself quicker and more efficiently than they do. I had them tell me once, after it said, “delivered” that they put it in my garage. Really? We have(back home) a workshop that has a garage. You have to walk past our front door, climb a 6 foot wood privacy fence, walk a good 130 feet to get to that “garage”. They still insisted I check. I kept them on the phone and they asked is it there…well, I doubt it but I havent got to that “garage yet, still walking”…lol. After I walked out there and assured them nope they didn’t walk past my front door, climb the fence and put it in the “garage” they said ok we’ll call the driver. An hour later the driver shows up. He said he had dropped it at a “lean to” at another house…lol. To sum ALL this up. I completely understand 🙂 Your neighbours on the other hand…pffttt.

  3. COVID is doing odd things to the supply chain. Our neighbor’s refrigerator went out and he won’t be able to replace it for at least two weeks. There are none to be found in the entire area. Blessings!

    • Oh yes. Well do I realize this could be so much worse. I am sick of being at the mercy of the ripple effects of this ‘gift’ from China.

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