hot spots

Back in the ‘70s this would be a place my parents wouldn’t have allowed me to go to. Not under any circumstances. Swinging, happening, mod… none of that was part of my experience. No, we were not Amish, Mennonite, Mormon or even Catholic. My parents were cautious and protective of my brother and me. Based on how some of our neighborhood pals turned out I am glad they were that careful.

Go forward a couple decades. Hot spots are specific designated WiFi accessible places like airports, hotels, campuses. With smart phones it’s not that important now but they are still around.

Not that kind, either.

A couple of weeks after I came back from Texas I noticed something on husky-mix rescue dog Lily’s fur. It looked like I spilled water on her but didn’t seem to bother her. I found her grooming brush to get it out and a large clump of hair came with it. Lily turned her head toward me and I leaned closer to figure out what this was.

Hot spot.

She had not had one of these in a couple of years. It’s an allergic reaction, sometimes from a flea bite or allergy or other skin irritation and generally bothered even more by extreme heat and humidity. If they chew or scratch it becomes worse. I’ll spare further graphic description but her vet confirmed that’s what it was.

So we came back home loaded with antibiotic, allergy pills and an anti-itch antiseptic spray. They shaved a large area on her back around it so it could heal.

Well, it has healed and as you see here Lily and terrier-mix rescue dog Lulu are eagerly searching for a small lizard living in this plant. Not bothered anymore in the least. She still has that bare spot that draws curious looks when we are on our walkies but probably also provides welcome cooling to her double-thick husky fur coat.

Crisis resolved.

5 thoughts on “hot spots

  1. My Max got a hot spot once – Golden Retrievers are prone to them. I took him to the vet, of course, and in tears begged Dr. Dave to tell me what I’d done, why this had happened! He said, “you know why this is his first?” Max was about 5 at the time. “You got lucky!” Well, I didn’t feel any better – poor guy had both sides of his neck shaved. But he never got another. Give Lily kisses and cookies from Auntie Susan.

  2. So glad Lily is doing better and seems to be no worse for the wear. My dog, who is no longer with us would get hot spots and our vet would tell me to put tea tree oil on it. It always worked. It worked for any irritation he had. We had over 2 acres all fenced, and that dog would rather stay out, even during the hottest summer or even storms rather than come inside. He always acted as if he was missing something lol.

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