So the weather has been teasing us again here on the NC coast that the humid days are coming to an end. We get a couple of days of cold mornings, dry, warm afternoons, then a day like today with muggy air and blustery winds. Hurricane Zeta decided to throw some our way but that’s long since past. So no idea where this is coming from. Hurricane Eta is visiting Honduras.

humidity-loving tree frog stuck to garage door

Rescue dogs Lily and Lulu love the cooler weather. Lily’s hot spot of 3 months ago has morphed into a larger area. It does not appear to bother her until I have to wash her but she looks moth-eaten. She doesn’t care, and I don’t care, either but people have stopped asking about it. Well, hoping with cold weather it will soon be history.

Occasionally I walk on my own after Lily and Lulu have their walks. It always interests me when I see others walk their dogs. Most seem to understand that if you are walking with a dog it is their walk, not yours. They stop to inspect every third blade of grass or, if they are strong and young, strain against the leash lengthening your arm in the process. On the rare occasion when Lily was younger and she spotted a rabbit she would suddenly cross in front of me without warning and I’d cartwheel into the bush. But more and more I am seeing dogs on a short even if retractable leash being dragged behind their person who apparently is on a walk for exercise not for dog exploration. I feel badly for the dog.

I almost never see initials or names etched in newly-poured concrete sidewalks or driveways anymore. Obviously this was from many years ago. I never knew Kathy or Bob. I don’t know if they lived where this was engraved, or if they did, that they are even still there. But it is carved (until the driveway/ sidewalk is replaced) in time immemorial as a testimony that once this couple wished to let anyone who passed by know that they were important to each other.

Once I saw “Jesus Loves me” carved on a tree trunk. It gave me pause. It is a truth that applies to every one of us. Whether we love Him, obey Him, seek Him or even believe in Him, He loves us.

fennel seeds

I tried to remember though if I have ever seen a carved “I love Jesus” and I couldn’t. But then He tells us when we love Him we show it because in true love you want to do things that make the person you love happy. So you serve Him. Not because He expects to be served but because this is who He was when He came to save us. And He is still interceding for us. But it is our choice. So saying and doing are not the same thing. He is life. Forever.