So I lost a few followers last week, not surprised. I’ll likely lose more this week. For some reason political correctness and cancel culture have become the norm, preying on the graces of people who know better.

I am troubled though, by the profound evidence of election tampering, whichever ‘side’ you voted for. Freedom is important to me. I have voted in every election since I was eligible to vote. Every one. Never missed. I will admit there were a few when America was so prosperous I did not give enough consideration to who claimed to do what and actually meant it.

It saddens me to think that votes do not actually matter in this country. We have always stood for the sacredness of choosing our leadership and strongly encouraged each other to participate in the election process. It never occurred to me to wonder who friends voted for. Our friendship was not based on political inclinations. Now, I have found, it does. A few months ago, having a conversation of current issues my “friend”, disagreeing with my thoughts called me evil and a problem.

When I recovered, I replied, “I guess this conversation is not going anywhere,” and the person got in my face to pursue expressing her rage. I excused myself from the conversation, shaking, more from fear than rage.

When did we become so politicized? When did abject hatred replace agreeing to disagree? When did a person’s hate for a politician translate to hate (or at a minimum dismissive disdain) for the politician’s supporters thereby justifying verbal or physical attacks?

This is just wrong.

In addition, a blogger I follow has been advised by WordPress that he has until December 2, 2020 before his blog will be ‘deplatformed’. He was informed that his values and views are out of alignment with that of the domain. His posts are factual, informative, well-researched, honest, thoughtful, inclusive, enlightening, and conservative. Hence the deplatforming.

So I will not be writing for a while. Yes, I am discouraged. Saddened. I will, in time, resolve to press on. And I am driving to visit family in Texas for Thanksgiving, after which I will be moving from my beloved home state of North Carolina.

It just isn’t home anymore.

I wish any remnant of readers I possibly still have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever you may celebrate, and a joyous 2021. In the end hope and faith are all we really have.

God bless and keep each of you.