Hardiness comes in all forms. Fading whitewash on the northside of a house. window glazing dulled by grit and rain lashing against it. Or a stone at the water’s edge. Years of tides, waves, storms crashing against it and its rough smoothness, a few sharpened barnacles. A redwood forest, astronomical growth standing firm against unimaginable winds, snows, ice storms.

And then, through ice-crusted snow, a slender, bright green spear, unnoticed, then longer. A bud, evolving yellow. One morning you go out to retrieve the newspaper and a nodding yellow trumpet greets you as if to say no matter what life will bloom.

Staged Reality

I’ve not gotten caught up in these so-called reality shows. Not the housewives ones, nor Duck Dynasty, nor Millionaire Matchmaker– none. I nearly got sucked in though on a channel that I occasionally watch. I say occasionally because in winter I seem to gravitate way too much to television and am trying to break that habit.

I like Food Network. I like “Chopped” and sometimes “Cupcake Wars”, sometimes but not very often “Sweet Genius” or “Restaurant Impossible”. But those programs where they claim they have hidden cameras all over restaurants, in their kitchens, bars, and dining areas– I don’t know about those. They have a guy who hosts this program, having the restaurant owner with him in the control room where they have all these monitors. The owner has supposedly suspected one or some of his employees of stealing, abusing other coworkers or diners or something that would be a firable offense. Sometimes these are actually believable, but then the offender/s are brought in to the control room and wonder what all those monitors are. I can’t help but question whether these are actors portraying actual incidents. Or even made-up ones. They don’t appear truly surprised, or humbled, or inflamed, or indignant, or appalled, unless people are so callused that even their truth seems fake. No, they appear to have been rehearsed through this. I mean, can this actually happen to someone who does steal or abuse a customer or coworker? Without the impending lawsuit people seem to be able to get away with these days for pain and suffering regardless of the blatant fact that they caused the pain and suffering by their own actions?? Nobody seems to want to be responsible for something s/he did or said to intentionally hurt or deceive someone else. It’s always someone else’s fault. They got caught! Plain and simple. But on so many levels even networks are exploiting people’s devious stupidity. They cash in on stuff they tell us happened, but did it really? I know it could, but really, who wins in this one? I’ve never seen a disclaimer stating the participants are actors, but maybe there is one. The credits roll so fast who can read them? 

Maybe this blog isn’t so much about false reality as it is about our pathetic so-called justice system. There is no justice in the law. Winners are those who can argue a legal point better than somebody else, sometimes regardless of whether it has any moral or ethical bearing at all.

Most of the time it doesn’t even give the appearance of justice. Reality as I understand it is raw, vulnerable, risk-taking, bald-faced authenticity. Something a person can not hide behind because it is all s/he is.

And we, in our inerrant (?) hope in humanity, want to believe.


Used to be, if a person was known to always tell the truth, be reliable because they did what they said they would do and meant the things they said, they were popular. You could always count on them. But they were too humble to really care they were popular, or too busy, or threw the accolades back onto someone else not to make that person diminish with pride but to encourage them.

What happened? Now people say what they think people want to hear, or want them to say to agree with them, whether it is true to them (or true at all) or not. But once the person has compromised him/herself by supporting whatever the cause or individual it was that wanted their support, however false, it or they disappear! So the person who lied, or compromised or however you’d like to think it for whatever or whomever, is there having to deal with what they did to themselves for something they did not even believe in. They have to undo it. Or live with it which means becoming something they aren’t? No. They have to come back to who they really are, if they are lucky and still have sight of it.

Integrity. That was a word that even though it was not often heard it was a coveted word. But it does not apply to a person who lies, or is not known to be true to themselves or anything else.

When did all this start? Why is popularity so important and why has its focus gone to things that are so meaningless? Is it insecurity? But that which is popular- glamour, youth, wealth, celebrity, style -is not permanent! Money comes and goes, youth fades, styles change, glamour, well that’s always been a matter of opinion, and celebrity is so fleeting no one can be assured of it for very long no matter how well they know how to work it. So why are all these things so important?

What about friendships? I mean the real ones that don’t depend on how you look with a certain person or what that person can do for you but someone you care about because of who s/he is?

If you have all you need what more could you possibly want, and why would you want it?

Just be.  Be true.

And be sure it’s you.

Habakkuk 3:17-19; Psalm 46:10