Promise in a Rainbow

This morning Lily, my dog, and I ventured forth to buy some groceries. I’ve just come home from a conference that I do not believe I was meant to attend but, as always I managed to find myself useful in ways I never imagined. God always surprises me. That is, being something of a recluse, when I allow myself to participate.

Earlier we had gone for our walk/run. We had to run because we got caught in what probably will be the only cloudburst today. But the rain, a downpour at times, was warm and soaking. As we drove to the market to the west a shimmering rainbow emerged between the clouds. Almost faded, its outer bands of longer-wavelength red, then orange and yellow, then green, blue to the shortest wave-length of violet. And I remembered God’s promise to Noah, therefore to me, that never again will he destroy the living things on the earth.

We all have times when we have to start over. I wish I had a nickel for every time I had to begin again. Some things we can’t, literally, start over. We can’t shove our babies back into ourselves and have them again, we have to accept that we make mistakes, try not to make them again and learn from the new ones we make. We aren’t perfect but we do pay attention and thereby eventually figure things out. Or not, but there is no end to second chances, thankfully. And we don’t have to go to a corner to think about what we said or didn’t say or did or didn’t do. Which is good because unless we know how it came across we won’t know always if it was wrong or ok. Except our conscience is pretty good about telling us.

And we encourage each other. I always hope that however I do this will only be remembered in the context of the encouragement, not where it came from. Not because whatever is encouraged is insignificant but because encouragement like love only works, is only real when it is given freely.

“I have set My rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth … Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.”
~Genesis 9:13-15
What Wavelength Goes With a Color?:

It’s only May but it feels like summer is here

Did I miss Spring? Something so all-consuming, the pain of my Murphy loss and I missed an entire section of a year?

The greening of a lawn… tiny miniatures of oak leaves, silvery-shining in their infancy as trees awaken. A luna moth drops from its chrysalis onto a forgotten splice of driveway, warming its wrinkly, vermilion gold wings into sun-strength.

Peeper frogs give procession to the dawning chorus of birdsong as sun defrosts a newly soft earth. Spiderlings take flight on tiny gossamer parachutes from their newly-hatched egg-webs. A succulent smell of honey suckle streams into the air lifting early springlike nuance and burgeoning trees lazily fill the blue sky gaps with growing leaves. Once-sparse ground white snows of clover blossoms and leaves, vinings and tendrils stretching their sleepy stems across the forest floor. Dandelions and daffodils nodding bright cheer from the sun. Gentle rains puddling drops to hibernate-thirsty roots and swelling streams.

And finches, red-wine dipped color over their lovely faces and throats, the hummers buzzing again, squeaking territorial disputed life. Tiger swallowtails, flitting aimlessly, flaunting delicate yellow streaks with black, boldly circling the new air.

Yes, this year I saw.

A diamond in a dewdrop

Probably everybody has seen this, usually early morning before the dew has dried on the grass. But sometimes on a bright sunny day the sparkle seems more brilliant than other days. I know the reason this happens- the light’s refraction creates a prism and reflects a shinier dot of water. I know the way the words are strung together to explain the phenomena that is light. But still, something escapes me.

Some part of the mystery I think we are not meant to know, just to enjoy.

There it was, shining bright as a diamond. A splash of brilliance with a tiny prism, shimmering and changing its color as I moved incrementally. Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet but even the words don’t cleverly or fully describe what I saw. 

It’s like I said, you can describe, explain, clarify, define, elucidate, prove, and give evidence to, but knowing the why or the how does not in any way diminish the miracle of it. Who could imagine beyond science that the so-called properties of a tiny water droplet when shined on by the sun could produce such a magnificent display?

Not only does it nourish its life-givingness but it gives beauty. More nourishment.

A true gift.