I began this blog around 6 or 7 years ago. Back then I idyllically imagined I would use this as a platform for epiphany, revelation or eloquent personal disclosure. Funny maybe, having some depth, but hoping to not become a forum for aging, malady or complaining (whining).


Maybe leave a trail of insight or hope, or just encouraging words.

There are bumps in everybody’s road. Forks on the pathways. Brick walls. Cliffs. Mountains. Brambles. Woods. Wild animals. Hurdles. Chasms. Insurmountables and unfathomables.


And then there’s root canals.

I have never liked dental appointments. So moving to a new place too far from a dentist I had come to trust I had to start over again. For someone with serious trust issues in general it isn’t easy. They tell me what needs work. I make an appointment and soon after I cancel it. I am an adult, this is silly.

So when the dentist said he had to send me to an endodontist my brain shut down. I made the appointment and did not cancel it. I went to the appointment. Exactly one hour later, the lower left half of my face in paralysis  they had finished. The most painful part was paying for it.


The day after an arctic freeze arrived after torrential rains. Thankful rescue dogs Lily and Lulu woke me early to go out or I’d have missed the 5 minutes of snow flurries. The rest of the day was icy cold with brutally cutting winds making walkies a near impossibility.


But beyond conquering dental fears, bitter cold, I think the hardest thing I faced this week was a cryptic phone call from my son. I have mentioned in posts that his girlfriend does not care for me (it’s the only conclusion I came to based on monosyllabic responses, or no response at all). This incrementally alters the relationship with my son each time I encounter them. They have been together about 10 years, living together for 7. I realize it is expected that children grow up, leave home and begin lives of their own. This exclusion though was hard to accept at first. It does not get easier, but I get better at dealing with it. I cannot say whether this arrangement he lives with is right or wrong, but I am sorry I am not a part of it. To say it’s worse than having a root canal, well, it’s an analogy I did not think I’d ever make.


Miss Woofie’s teeth

Every vet I have taken husky-mix rescue dog Lily to has marveled over her lovely teeth. She will be 11 this year and has permitted me to brush her teeth once a week for the 10 years she and I have been friends. She loves the way the  toothpaste tastes which is why I think she tolerates the little brush.

A week ago I noticed a small swelling on her face so I took her to her vet.

Picture0609181407_1.jpgmaybe if I sit here really still she won’t see me……

“It’s an abscessed tooth,” the vet said. “Likely a fracture.” So we scheduled Lily to have her teeth cleaned yesterday, have the offending tooth removed and see if there were any others.

I brought her at the appointed time she having had no food or water since the night before. I filled out their papers acknowledging my agreement to let them clean her teeth and basically do whatever they deemed important while Lily was there. Lily is naturally curious about everything , everyone and everywhere she goes. So she blithely went out of the exam room with the hygienist. And I went home.

Terrier-mix rescue dog Lulu was waiting at the door and I had her obligatory toy for having left her alone. She bounced away squeaking it and I grabbed a book and plopped down.

I couldn’t sit still. So I ran the dishwasher, unloaded it, rearranged the patio stones in the backyard garden. An order of plants arrived so I took them outside and decided where to place them. At 12:16 p.m. Lily’s vet called me to let me know Lily was going into surgery. I’d almost rather they’d not let me know I think. I was told the procedure would take 2 or 3 hours depending on how many teeth had to be removed. Rejecting all thoughts of Lily gumming her food from now on I returned to my book. Then I looked at my emails. Back to my book. This went on until the vet called me again at 3:35 p.m. and told me Lily had done very well, both her upper pre-molars had to be removed and I could come pick her up at 5:30 p.m. when she would be more awake.

Her vet told me how to feed her, how to care for her and protect her sutures until she has her re-check in 2 weeks, gave me her pain and antibiotic medicines and we came home. She was wobbly but happily flopped down on the cool tile kitchen floor.


She would not open her mouth until I waved a piece of roast chicken in front of her, which is how I managed to give her the antibiotic and pain pills. She was still a little wobbly, but this morning I cooed and made much over her, and gently scratched her face where she raised the side of her mouth in her characteristic “smile”

She’ll be ok.

Picture0609181408_1.jpgsoon she will be surveying her favorite ghost crab colonies again….